Pancakeswap Insufficient Output Amount Error [Fixed]

In this post, I share the guide by which you can fix Pancakeswap Insufficient output amount Error. You can easily resolve pancake router errors by following this article.


Pancakeswap is a Decentralized Exchange where users can exchange different tokens on the Binance Smart Chain. The users can earn CAKE tokens by supplying liquidity to the platform. Moreover, users can also get a chance to attain some CAKE tokens through a lottery.


How to Fix Pancakeswap Insufficient Output Amount?

When you try to exchange tokens on Pancakeswap, it says “the transaction cannot succeed due to error: PancakeRouter: insufficient_output_amount” then you have to follow the simple steps below in order to fix this error.

1. In the Pancakeswap, you have to select a token that you want to buy. In this tutorial, I am buying Safemars with Safemoon.



2. When you tap Swap, it shows Pancakeswap insufficient output amount error



3. Now You have to click the three horizontal lines option next to Exchange then increase the Slippage tolerance rate from 0.5% to 1%.



4. If the error still appears then increase the Slippage tolerance rate from 1% to 15%.



 5.  According to the Reddit thread, slippage rates from 1% to 15% have worked for most investors while few users still experience this error.

6. If you still experiencing this issue then increase the slippage rate to 18 0r 21% then Click Confirm Swap.




I hope this guide helped you to fix the Pancakeswap insufficient output error on your Trust Wallet account. Share this useful guide with other Trust Wallet users because every user experiencing this error.

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