How to Cancel JazzCash Transaction (Step by Step)

Are you looking for a JazzCash Transaction cancel code? Don’t worry, If you have made a mistake or changed your mind after initiating a transaction, this guide on how to cancel JazzCash transaction will help you cancel any transaction that has been made mistakenly.


JazzCash, a popular mobile financial service in Pakistan, offers many services. The service includes sending and receiving payments, paying utility bills, mobile top-ups, making donations, debit cards, etc. JazzCash is a branchless banking provider that allows users to make hassle-free transactions.

If you have mistakenly sent money to another JazzCash account or purchased a mobile load, you’ve landed on the right post.  In this guide, I will teach you how to cancel a JazzCash transaction within 30 minutes. So, let’s dive in and learn how to cancel JazzCash transactions.


How to Cancel JazzCash Transaction

Here is how to cancel JazzCash transaction.


Method 1: Through the JazzCash Helpline

  • Reach out to JazzCash customer support via their helpline i.e. 4444.
  • They’ll ask necessary questions to confirm account ownership.
  • Provide them with the transaction ID and explain why you want to cancel a transaction.
  • Ensure to contact them within 30 minutes after making a transaction.


Method 2: JazzCash Transaction Cancel Code

JazzCash Transaction Cancel Code *786#
Service Fee Rs. 0
Transaction Time Limit 30 Minutes
  • Dial *786# from your smartphone.
  • Select Send Money by typing 1, and click the Send button.
  • Next, select Mobile account, Bank, CNIC, or RAAST, and click the Send button.
  • Select Cancel Transaction by typing 2, and click the Send button.
  • Select any transaction from the list you want to cancel and hit the Send button.

Upon successful cancellation, the transaction will be reversed and the amount will be credited to your account. This process can take up to a few hours to complete. Furthermore, whenever you pay other users, pay them through JazzCash IBAN so your funds won’t be sent to the wrong person.

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