How to Use X in Pakistan With VPN 2024

Are you experiencing difficulties accessing X (formerly Twitter) in Pakistan? If so, I show you how to use X in Pakistan with a VPN.


X (formerly Twitter) is a powerful social media platform that has revolutionized the way of communication, sharing information, and engaging with the world. The platform allows users to post “tweets”, including text, images, videos, and links. X is a useful application for businesses, journalists, activists, and public figures to reach a wide audience. Since February 17, 2024, PTA has blocked the X website and it’s no longer working in Pakistan. Today, I will teach you how to use X in Pakistan with a VPN.

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How to Use X in Pakistan With A VPN

Follow the steps below to use X (formerly Twitter) in Pakistan.

1. Install the + WARP: Safer Internet app on your mobile phone.

2. After installing the + WARP app, open it.

3. Click the “Enable” icon to secure your internet connection.

4. After connecting to the WARP VPN, access the X app.




I hope this article assisted you in accessing X in Pakistan with a VPN. If you followed the above steps carefully and Twitter is working on your mobile phone, share your honest comment below.

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