How to Withdraw Money from Trust Wallet to Bank Account

In this post, I show you How to withdraw money from Trust Wallet to Bank Account. You can easily cash out from Trust Wallet to Bank Account by following this tutorial.


Trust Wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet where you can store BEP2 and ERC20 tokens. It helps to invest your money in various tokens by which you can earn profits. Now, it comes to the withdrawal of that profit so you only have to follow this guide to withdraw money from Trust Wallet to your Bank Account.


How to Withdraw Money from Trust Wallet

If you want to cash out from Trust Wallet to your Bank Account then follow the simple steps as discussed below.


Withdraw from Trust Wallet to Binance


1. First of all, convert all your tokens or coins into Smart Chain on Trust Wallet. If you are experiencing Pancakeswap insufficient amount error then follow the pinned guide in order to fix this error.

2. You will need a Binance account to withdraw money from Trust Wallet. Create a new account if you don’t have one.

3. Sign in to your Binance account, Tap Wallets then navigate to the Spot.



4. Tap Deposit, choose BNB then copy the wallet address of BEP20 (BSC).



5. Now open the Trust Wallet app and move to the Smart Chain.



6. Click Send, paste BEP20 wallet address under ‘Recipient address’ and enter the amount.



7. Click Continue and a new window will appear then tap Send. It will take few minutes to show the balance to your Binance account.



Withdraw from Binance to your Bank Account


If you wish to withdraw funds directly to your bank account then follow the steps below. You can follow this method on the Desktop not on the Android app.


1. Sign in to your Binance account and convert BNB (or any coin you have) to BUSD.

2. Click Wallet then move to the Fiat & Spot.



3. Make sure your funds are available in BUSD, now click Withdraw.



4. Click Fiat, select USD under the currency, and select Silvergate Bank (SWIFT). Also enter the amount then click Continue.



5. In the new tab, enter the Beneficiary account number, Bank Name, SWIFT/BIC Code, and Beneficiary address then Click Confirm Withdrawal.



Note: When you withdraw through Binance Fiat Exchange then you will charge 30 BUSD fees. If you don’t want to pay fees then you can withdraw money to your bank through P2P.


Wrap Up

I hope this tutorial to cash out money from Trust Wallet to Bank Account would be beneficial for you. If everything turns out all right then allocate this useful article with other Trust Wallet users.

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