Truecaller not Working in Pakistan: Try these Alternatives

If Truecaller not working in Pakistan then you should try these Alternatives which work like Truecaller. If you are interested in these alternatives then this post is for you.


Why Truecaller Not Working in Pakistan

For the last few months, Truecaller stopped working in Pakistan because of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has banned it. I shared the trick by which you can use Truecaller in Pakistan. If you are still unable to use the Truecaller app on your smartphone then you should try the following Truecaller Alternatives.


Truecaller Alternatives

If you are unable to use Truecaller then the following three Truecaller alternatives are for you.


1. Showcaller

Showcaller is the best alternative to Truecaller because it is easy to use. The app is smaller in size (7 MB) and doesn’t take much phone resources. It works in the background and uses less battery.


The app also blocks spam calls and identifies unknown calls and provides detailed caller ID information on incoming calls. You can also enjoy other features such as a built-in call recorder, unknown number search, etc.


2. Hiya

Hiya is very similar to Truecaller. It blocks the messages and calls that you want to avoid and identifies the calls that are important for you. Like Truecaller, this Caller ID app identifies known numbers, search for unknown numbers, and automatically blocks unknown numbers.


The best part is it is free of cost and you will not be irritated by ads. Hiya does not ask to upgrade to premium if you want to remove ads.



Hoping that this article on Truecaller not working in Pakistan helps you. I hope the above alternatives to Truecaller will solve your problem. Let me know in the comments which alternative you are going to use on your smartphone. If you are still facing any difficulty then ask me in the comments.

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