How to remove Credit Card from Spotify (Step by Step)

If you want to know how to remove Credit Card from Spotify as your payment method then this step-by-step guide is for you.

If you bought a premium plan on Spotify and don’t want to store your credit card information there. Then this tutorial will help you to remove your card details.


What is Spotify?

Spotify is a digital music streaming platform that allows you to access a vast collection of music and podcasts. Spotify offers a free and premium subscription. The free plan contains ads while the premium subscription is free from irritating ads. The premium plan also allows you to download songs and have better sound quality.


How to Remove Credit Card from Spotify

The following steps will help you to remove your credit card as a payment method from Spotify. To remove the credit card, make sure you have canceled the premium subscription otherwise you cannot remove the card.


How to Cancel Spotify Subscription

In order to delete credit card details from Spotify, you will have to cancel your Spotify premium subscription.

Step#1: Sign in to your Spotify account then go to the Account page



Step#2: Navigate to the “Available Plans” option



Step#3: Scroll down then click the “Cancel Premium” option



Step#5: In the new tab, click the “Yes, Cancel” option to cancel a Spotify subscription, and your credit card details will also be deleted



How to Remove Card from Spotify without Canceling Premium Subscription

If you want to remove the card from Spotify while keeping the premium subscription then you can follow the below steps.

Step#1: Go to Spotify and sign in to your account

Step#2: Navigate to the Account Page then scroll down

Step#3: Tap the “Update” under the Payment option (where your card is attached)

Step#4: Now add PayPal or any other payment method that is available in your country. After adding the new payment method, you can now remove the credit card from Spotify



I hope this guide on how to remove credit card from Spotify helped you. If you think this can help others then share it with them so they can also secure their cards from unnecessary transactions.

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