How to Recover Deleted Comments on Facebook (Step by Step)

Do you want to know how to recover deleted comments on Facebook? Yes, then the solution to your problem is available in this post.


Recover Facebook Comments

If you are worried about how to retrieve Facebook comments then I show you the method by which you can find the deleted Facebook comments that you posted on your profile, page, or any group. Not only you can find the deleted comments but also you can recover them with this method. I also shared the post to recover deleted posts on Facebook.


How to Recover Deleted Comments on Facebook

All you need to follow the steps below in order to recover the deleted Facebook comments.

Step#1: Log in to your account and Tap “three horizontal lines” on your Facebook app.



Step#2: Jump to the Account “Settings”



Step#3: Navigate to the “Download your Information” option.



Step#4: Tap “Deselect all” and only tick the “Comments”. Then click “Create File” to download the comments data.



Step#5: Wait until the file is ready to download. Once the file is created, you can download that file under the “Available copies” option. Open the file and find the comments that you deleted accidentally or deliberately.



Can I Retrieve a deleted comment on Facebook?

Yes, you can retrieve a deleted comment on Facebook with the help of the above method. Make sure your Facebook account is active then the above trick will work for you.



I hope the above method on how to recover deleted comments on Facebook assisted you. If you find this post helpful then share it with all Facebook users so they can also learn this method. You can also follow me on Facebook.

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44 thoughts on “How to Recover Deleted Comments on Facebook (Step by Step)”

  1. I commented on a company’s Facebook page and they deleted it. When I do this it isn’t there. Is there a way to get that?

  2. I wrote a post on my wall then somebody comments on my post after a 5 minutes who commented on my post deleted the comment can I recover it or see it ??

  3. I tried downloading my comments only. The comment I am trying to recover is one I accidentally deleted today. I put the date range just for this month up to 6/20/21. Still my deleted comment is not there. Thoughts?

  4. Someone commented something bad on one of my pictures and I have deleted his comment. I have change my mind and I want to restore it. I will find the comment if I do this process? This comment is from today. Thank you.

  5. I am managing a page, and I accidentally deleted my comments as a page, it has a lot of reactions. Can I also retrieve the reactions along with the deleted comment?

  6. If I recover the comment I mistakenly deleted, will it appear back on the post I commented on?

  7. I tried this but on the log, I only see the time I replied to a comment that someone left on my post. I can’t see their comment that I deleted nor can I see my reply. Any way I can get this back?

  8. Hi, thank you for sharing this process. It sounds like it works for most but not in my circumstance and wondering if you could help me troubleshoot.
    Can I recover a comment made in a group deleted by the admin? I have since blocked that admin – could this be it and if so, could this be fixed by temporary unblocking?

  9. I’m on Windows 10 on a laptop and in the settings page there is no ‘download your information’ option, so either is is only relevant to a phone (which I don’t really use for Facebook) or the option has been removed entirely!

  10. I really wanted to recover the comment someone left in one of my picture. It’s kind of cyber liber. It there anyway to retrieve it?

  11. Please need ur assistance to recover my comment, when comment and post do not go, it would only posting not going at all.


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