How to Recover Deleted Posts on Facebook (Undelete Post)

If you accidentally deleted a Facebook post then this tutorial is for you. I show you how to recover deleted posts on Facebook walls, pages, and groups. Let’s start and see how to do it.


Recover Deleted Posts on Facebook

According to the Facebook support center, When you delete a post from your Facebook profile, page, or group not only it is removed from the Facebook app but also from their servers. But some things can only be deleted when you delete your account.

So it means you still able to retrieve Facebook posts so here I show the methods by which you can not only see but also recover, retrieve, restore or undo deleted posts on Facebook.


Method 1: Undelete Facebook Posts

This method may be not suitable for everyone but you can try it either it works for you or not.

1. Sign in to your Facebook account.

2. Jump to the “Notification” tab and look for any notification you received of your deleted post. If you received the notification then tap on that notification and undelete it.



Method 2: Find and Recover Deleted Facebook Posts

If the above method didn’t work for you then don’t worry because using this method everyone can restore deleted posts on Facebook.

Note: These screenshots were captured in the Facebook app on Android. But this method is the same for both mobile and computer devices.

1. After sign in to your account, go to Facebook Settings.

facebook-post (1)


2. Scroll down and click the “Download your Information” option in order to create a copy of your data.

facebook-post (2)


3. Now Click “Deselect All” and just tick the “Posts” if you want to retrieve Facebook posts. You can also select a date range as well.

facebook-post (3)


4. Scroll down and click “Create File” in order to create a copy of your Facebook post data.

facebook-post (4)


5. It will take some time to create a copy of your information. Once created, you will receive a notification. Click on that notification and Download the data from the “Available copies” option.

facebook-post (5)


Once the file is downloaded, open it and find the deleted post that you want to retrieve then simply restore the post.


Method 3

Facebook launched a Manage activity tool feature by which you can delete data that will no longer see by other users but it will remain in the trash for 30 days. You can undelete the data before 30 days.

1. Sign in to your Facebook account and navigate to the “Settings and Privacy”.

2. Click the “Activity Log” option.

3. Select “Trash” and see if there are deleted posts available.

4. If there are posts available simply click the “Restore” option. If not then you should follow the above method.



How to Recover Deleted Post on Facebook Page & Group

If you want to recover accidentally deleted posts of your Facebook page and group then you have to follow the second method. All you need to do is select the ‘Pages’ and ‘Groups’ options as well while following the second method. This way you can easily recover Deleted posts of your Facebook pages and groups.


How to Delete Facebook post in order to recover them again

If you don’t want to show a specific post on your timeline but you think it can be useful in the future. You must delete the post by following the steps below so you can recover it again easily when you need it.

1. Go to your Facebook profile page or click here

2. Click the “Manage Posts” option

3. Select the posts that you want to delete from your timeline

4. Click “Next” then choose “Hide Posts” in the next window

5. Hit Done

Whenever you need such posts so you can retrieve them with the same process.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to recover deleted posts on the Facebook page?

A. Apply the second method and tick “Select all” instead of “Posts” then find the deleted posts of the page.

Q2. How to recover deleted posts on the Facebook group?

A. Apply the second method and tick “Select all” instead of “Posts” then find the deleted posts of the group.

Q3. Can we recover deleted posts from any software?

A. No, you can’t but if you try then you may face security issues.



I hope you liked my guide on how to retrieve deleted posts on Facebook. I shared three methods in which the second method will work for everyone but the first and third ones will work for some users. Don’t forget to spread this helpful guide with your friends and relatives.

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