How to Delete Snack Video Account Permanently (Step by Step)

How to Delete Snack Video Account Permanently? If you don’t want to keep the snack video account anymore then I show you how you can do it.

There may be some reasons that forcing you to close your account. I show you to cancel or deactivate your Snack video account permanently.



Snack video is a platform where users create and upload short clips for either entertaining or knowledge purposes. The users watch the creator’s clips and love them because of their talent and the content they make. This app was developed by Kuaishou Technology. The Snack video launched in the market to compete with TikTok.


How to Delete Snack Video Account Permanently

Follow the steps below in order to cancel the snack video account permanently.

Step#1: Open the Snack video app on your mobile and sign in to your account.

Step#2: Tap the profile option then click the Settings at the top right-hand side.



Step#3: Select the Help Center.



Step#4: Now you will see a Report a Problem, click on it.



Tip: May users can’t delete the Snack video account because they don’t see the Report a Problem option. So If you don’t see a report a Problem option then you have to double-tap on the pencil icon.



Step#5: Tap the Delete My Account option.



Step#6: You can choose any reason for leaving then Tap Delete My Account.



Step#7: Now it will ask for confirmation so Tap Got it then Click I’m Sure.



Step#8: Now your account will be deleted permanently within 72 hours and it will never be shown on the Snack video app. If you change your mind then you can simply login back within 72 hours.


Last Verdicts

I am hoping that this article helped you to Delete your snack video account permanently. If your friends are also fed up with the Snack video app then share this post with them on social media handles so they can also get help from it.

If you still have any questions related to this tutorial then ask me in the comments so I will try to answer your queries.

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