Easypaisa IBAN Number: How to Get Easypaisa Account IBAN Number

Are you searching for Easypaisa IBAN Number Generator? Yes, then I show you how to get the IBAN Number of your Easypaisa Account very easily.


Easypaisa is one of the best mobile wallets in Pakistan. It helps users to send and receive money across the country. But, if you want to receive money from outside the country then you will need to have an IBAN Number. If you don’t have a Bank account then don’t worry Easypaisa is here to help you. Easypaisa provides an IBAN Number to all its users by which you can receive money from across the globe.

I also shared a useful article by which you can unblock your Easypaisa account. Also, you can activate Easypaisa Debit Card online.


How to get Easypaisa IBAN Number

Here is how to get the IBAN Number of your Easypaisa account. 


Method 1: How to Get Easypaisa IBAN Number Using App

If you have the Easypaisa app on your smartphone then follow these instructions.

1. Firstly, open the Easypaisa app and Sign In to your Easypaisa account.

2. Next, you need to tap on the “My Account” option.



3. Here, you need to select “Account Information”.



4. On the new screen, you will see the Easypaisa IBAN Number of your account.



This way you can easily get the IBAN Number of your Easypaisa account. Now, you can receive funds from across the world using the IBAN Number of your Easypaisa account.


Method 2: Easypaisa IBAN Number Generator Without App

You can generate Easypaisa Account Number without an app using the simple steps below.


1. Dial *786# from your phone dialer.

2. Here, select “My Account” and tap on the Send button.

3. Next, select “View Account Details” and tap on Send button.

4. In the next menu, choose “Fetch IBAN”.

5. Then, enter 5 digit PIN of your Easypaisa account.

6. Now, the Easypaisa IBAN Number will display on your mobile phone screen.




I hope this article on how to get an Easypaisa IBAN Number helps you. I shared the easiest method by which you can generate the IBAN Number of your Easypaisa Account. Now, you can receive money from your friends or relative who live outside of the country. If you still have any questions then you can freely ask me in the comments.

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