Sinemia App Not Working [Fixed] Easy Steps to Follow

If the Sinemia app not working on your device and you are looking for solutions. Here is the easy guide to follow by which you can fix this issue.


Sinemia is one of the best movie theatre subscription services. You can watch various movies per month by paying a fee. Lately, the app has been faced with a variety of issues including the Sinemia card declined, speed, and refund key issues among them.


Sinemia App Not Working Fixed

The various issues faced by the Sinemia users can be fixed in the following ways. If the Sinemia app not working, make sure to try the following steps before contacting their help support.


Step#1: Upgrade your System

The android version also causes the issue that’s why the Sinemia app stops working. If there is any update available then upgrade your android device then try the Sinemia app if it works or not. Besides this, the Sinemia developer also working on a permanent fix.


Step#2: Update Sinemia App

Sometimes when the developer releases a new update, the old version shows some bugs and crashes. You should check on Play Store if there is any Sinemia app update available or not. If there is an app update available then update it and see if it fixes the issue or not. Otherwise, you must follow the further steps.


Step#3: Remove your card Credentials

If your Sinemia account is terminated or the Sinemia app is not working then remove your card details so you will not be charged by Sinemia. You can remove card details from Play Store or contact your bank to block Sinemia from charging an unnecessary payment.


Step#4: Cancel your Subscription

If you no longer want to continue the Sinemia service then cancel your subscription and ask for a refund. Make sure to cancel any advance tickets if you submitted for help.

You can contact your bank to initiate a chargeback from the Sinemia service or contact Sinemia support for a refund.


Step#5: Find an Alternative

After getting rid of this service, you may start looking for other services. If you are planning to switch to its alternative then remove your card credentials and cancel your Sinemia subscription.

There are many Sinemia Alternatives available but check the reviews before selecting any of them so you don’t face any issues later.

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