How to Trace a Fake Text Message Number for Free (4 Methods)

Are you receiving texts from fake numbers on your mobile phone? Yes, then I show you how to trace a fake text message number for free.


A lot of times, we get messages and calls from unknown numbers. Sometimes they are just promotional spam messages and other times they are fake messages from scammers. So today we will learn about how to trace a fake text message number. With the tips shared below, you can find out if any number troubling you is fake or not. But also note that you can never find out the identity or the person behind such fake messages or calls as they can be using different types of apps such as Text Now etc. So, let’s dig straight into it.


How to Trace a Fake Text Message Number

Here are a few ways to trace a fake text message number for free.


Method 1: Google Search

While this might not work always, you can search the fake or spoofed number on google. You can also find several other search results with the same number indicating that a number is probably a fake number. This is one of the effortless and quickest ways to find out a fake number. You can also use a free reverse phone directory to search for a specific number.


Method 2: Call Back the Number

You can also try calling back the number from which you are receiving such messages or calls. If it gets busy or engaged then it is probably not a fake number. If they do not pick up after calling multiple times then it is a hint that it is a fake number. Scammers hesitate in picking up calls in order to hide their identity, but at times they call using voice changer apps to trouble people.


Method 3: Using Call Tracing Apps 

You can also use applications like Showcaller, TrueCaller, and its alternatives to reveal the number’s authenticity. If it is a spam caller it will be appearing in red as most people would’ve already reported it. You can also use Truecaller to automatically block the spam callers in your area. Also if you know if that caller is spam or fraudster you can simply flag it as a spam or fraud call on the Truecaller app so other people are aware of the number.


Method 4: Calling the Organization/Company 

If someone is pretending to call or text from any company or organization like a bank or any government office then you can simply call the helpline or customer care number of that company to know if it is a real caller or a fraudster. Most companies never ask for confidential details over a phone call or text message so beware of sharing any personal information over a phone call as they can be easily misused against you. And if any caller or fake text message number asks you for your account or card details then simply report that number as no bank asks for OTPs or bank account details over a phone call.



I hope this guide on how to trace a fake text message number helps you. If you are not able to trace a fake number then the next step is to simply sit back, relax and block the number. Tracing a fake number can be hard these days because the person can call you using an internet call also known as Voice over internet protocol (VoIP)  which cannot be traced easily and a person can call you from any corner of the world using such software.

So the easy way to deal with such fake messages or calls is to simply block them. And if they continue to message you or call you from different numbers then you can resort to filing a complaint in the cyber authorities of your country.

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