How to Earn Money from Pi Network [Easiest Ways]

In this post, I show you how to earn money from Pi Network in various easiest ways. By following this guide, you can start making money on Pi Network.


Pi Network is a new digital currency and has its own wallet that hosts your digital assets. It allows you to access and increase your Pi holdings. It is user-friendly and consumes minimal battery power.

Pi Network is under the final phase (Mainnet) of development. According to the news, it will be launched in January 2022 as a fully-fledged cryptocurrency. After that, you can also withdraw money from Pi Network.

You can also earn money from Snack Video in parallel to the Pi Network.


How to Create Pi Network Account

Before proceeding further, we have to create a Pi Network account by following these simple steps.

1. Install the Pi Network App on your mobile phone.

2. Open the App and continue with the phone number or Facebook.

Note: I recommend you create an account with a phone number

3. Select the Country/region code and enter your phone number.

4. Enter your password (it must be hard to guess).

5. Enter your First Name, Last Name and choose your username.

6. Provide an invitation code and your Pi Network has been created.


How to Earn Money from Pi Network

You can make money from Pi Network in the easiest ways as discussed below.


1. Pi Network Mining

This is very easy to make money on Pi Network. All you have to create an account on Pi Network. You will have to open the Pi Network app daily to collect your Pi tokens. You will earn 0.10 Pi/hour which means you will earn 2 to 3 Pi tokens per day.


2. Become a Contributor

You can become a contributor on Pi Network by adding members to a security circle. After completing 3 earning sessions (3 days), you can add users to your security circle. This will also increase your Pi tokens earnings.


2. Invite Friends

Pi Network allows you to invite friends. You can invite as many friends as you want. It helps you to earn Pi tokens at a higher rate. The more friends you invite to the Pi Network, the more tokens you will earn per day.



I hope this guide will assist you to make money on Pi Network. If you think this article is helpful then share it with your friends and relatives so they can also attain benefit from this opportunity.

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