How to Check Activated Packages on Jazz [Check All Activated Packages]

How to Check Activated Packages on Jazz Sim: I share the method that helps you to know which package is activated on your Jazz SIM.


It is very simple to know all activated packages on Jazz Sim. You need to send a blank message from your Jazz SIM to check the active packages on your Jazz Sim.

Jazz serves its customers in a good manner. Their support is mind-blowing if you compare it with other sim providers.


How to Check Activated Packages on Jazz

There are two ways to check all activated packages on Jazz Sim.


Method#1: Send a Blank SMS

Send a Blank SMS to 3838 and you will receive a message about the details of the active package on your Jazz SIM.

Note: You can send a message even without a balance on your SIM



Method#2: Contact Customer Support

You have to call Jazz Customer Helpline at 111 and ask the Jazz customer agent regarding the activated packages of your Jazz Sim. They will provide information to you about your current packages on your Jazz SIM.



I hope this article helped you to check current offers that are activated on your Jazz SIM. I suggest you use the first method because you don’t need a balance for it.

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