How to Change Text Color in Facebook with Color Codes

If you want to write colored font on Facebook status then I show you how to change text color in Facebook posts and comment with Color Codes.


Facebook is an entertaining platform where you can connect with your friends, relatives, and strangers. You can share your photos and thoughts in the form of posts and stories. You can also comment on your Facebook friend’s post. Moreover, the default text color on Facebook color is black and Facebook doesn’t have any feature to change it. But you can write colored text on Facebook status with the following trick.


How to change Text Color in Facebook

You need to copy any of the following codes and paste them to the Facebook wall post or comment section. After that remove the Color name and Write your own text on a Facebook wall post or comment section that you want to publish and the text color will be changed instantly.

<fg=b0ffc0cb> Light Purple

<fg=b0ffd700> Golden

<fg=b06f00ff> Dark Blue

<fgfg=b0000000> Black

<fg=b0ff7f00> Orange

<fg=b0ff00ff> Light Pink

<fg=b0ff0000> Redish Pink

<fg=b0800000> Brown

<fg=b0ffff00> Yellow

<fg=b0c0c0c0> Grey

<fg=80ffffff> Sky Blue

<fg=b000ffff> Light Blue

<fg=b0ba55d3> Light Purple

<fg=b00000ff> Blue

<fg=b0ff007f> Dark Pink

<fg=b0b08080> Steel Grey

<fg=b0bf00ff> Purple

<fg=b08f00ff> Dark Purple

<fg=b0964b00> Light Brown

<fg=f0f00f0f> Red




Example: <fg=b0bf00ff> Fazeel Usmani

Result: Fazeel Usmani



How to Write Comment in Red Colour on Facebook

All the above color codes work on both Facebook posts and comments. In order to write a comment in red color on the Facebook post then copy <fg=f0f00f0f> and paste it into the comment section then write your text after the red color code.

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