How to Cancel Midjourney Subscription 2024

Do you want to cancel your subscription plan on Midjourney? Yes, then I show you how to cancel Midjourney subscription at a glance in a few simple steps.


Midjourney is a generative artificial intelligence service and a project that is designed and hosted by Midjourney, Inc. It is created by an independent research lab that is based in San Francisco. Midjourney generates different images according to your called prompts. It doesn’t allow free trial anymore following the recent change to Midjourney’s pricing structure. Many users want to use the service for a short time then Midjourney monthly subscription is the best option. Then, cancel it before they are charged for the next month.

If you subscribed to Midjourney for a short time whether for personal use or business purpose. You can cancel your Midjourney subscription before you’re charged again for next month. Today, I show you how to cancel Midjourney subscription at a glance.

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How to Cancel Midjourney Subscription

It’s very easy to cancel a subscription on Midjourney.

1. Visit and Sign In to your account.

2. Authorize Midjourney connection to Discord.

3. Choose ‘Manage Sub’ from the sidebar menu.



4. You will see your active Midjourney plan, click the ‘Billing & Invoice Details’.



5. Now, you need to click the ‘Cancel plan’.



6. Confirm your Midjourney subscription cancellation by clicking the ‘Cancel plan’ option.



7. Now, share your feedback on the cancellation of the subscription and click the ‘Submit’ button.



After you’ve canceled your subscription to Midjourney, you will be able to use the program until the end of your billing cycle. Now, you will be reverted to a free account.


Last Words

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