How to Delete Udemy Account Permanently 2023 (Easy Method)

Are you searching for a solution to close your Udemy account? Yes, then I show you how to delete Udemy account permanently.


Udemy is a leading platform to learn online courses that helps you to grow professionally. Udemy is a popular and reliable marketplace for students and teachers. Learn programming, marketing, blogging, Search Engine Optimization, Data Science, and various in-demand skills from real-world experts. If you want to learn skills online then Udemy is the best place to learn courses with the latest strategies. You can learn courses online in approximately 65 languages. Udemy also allows you to download courses and watch them offline.

There may be various reasons that force you to close your account on Udemy. Today, I am going to teach you how to delete Udemy account permanently from their database.

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How to Delete Udemy Account

Follow the simplest instructions below to delete your Udemy account.

1. Log in to using your email or Google account.

2. Click on the ‘Profile icon’ at the top right corner of the page.



3. Here, you have to click on the ‘Account Settings’.



4. You will see the ‘Close account’ option, click on that.



5. Then, click on the ‘Close Account’ button.



6. Now, enter your Udemy account password and click ‘Close Account’.



Once you follow the above steps, your Udemy account will be deleted permanently. After closing your Udemy account, you won’t be able to reactivate it.


How to Cancel Udemy Course

Here is how to cancel the Udemy course.

1. Log in to the Udemy account using your email or Google account.

2. Click on the ‘Profile icon’ and navigate to the Purchase History.

2. Discover the course you want to refund.

3. Click the ‘Request Refund’ option just below the course title.

4. Then, choose your ‘Refund Method’.

5. Now, choose a reason to refund and click the ‘Submit’ button.


How to Delete Udemy Course from My Learning

Udemy doesn’t allow you to delete the Udemy course. But, you can archive the Udemy course by following the steps below.

1. Log in to the Udemy website using your account credentials.

2. Click on the ‘Profile avatar’ and choose ‘My Learning’.

3. Find the course that you want to archive then click on the ‘three dots’ icon.

4. Now, click on the ‘Archive’ option.


How to Delete Udemy Course

If you want to delete your course from Udemy then follow these instructions.

1. Go to the Udemy website and Log in to your account.

2. Head to the ‘Course management page’.

3. Find the course that you wish to delete and click the ‘Setting gear’ icon.

4. Scroll down and click the ‘Delete’ button under Course Status.

5. Click ‘Yes’ to delete your Udemy course.



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